Linear Appraisal Schedule

2019 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE – TRIPS ARE NOW FULL.  CHECK with ADGA before applying. FIND A HOST HERD  The optional Youngstock program has been suspended for 2019. The following dates are subject to change but hopefully as little as possible, as trips are planned, appraiser availability changes, and geographical areas are organized for sessions. There will also be […]

Production Evaluations – what records are used?

Note:  Search Knowledgebase for additional related articles. What records are used (or not used) for production evaluations?  A variety of necessary data components that contribute to this information. Information stored in the goat test day database includes: Doe ID information & Control/Index number Kidding date Herd code Lactation number, lactation termination information Days in milk […]

Genetic Award Programs

From ADGA Bylaws, Article XX.  Genetics Awards Program A special designation known as “Superior Genetics” will be awarded for qualifying animals, both bucks and does.  This award will be stored permanently by year in the ADGA database in addition to, and in the same manner as “CH” and “GCH” designations are currently stored. This prefix […]

Steps to Genetic Success with Dairy Goats

Author: Elizabeth Henning, Chair  ADGA Genetic Advancement Committee This article will focus on the steps a breeder needs to take to obtain the genetic information on his/her own goats that will enable use of the numbers to make genetic progress. Two terms used in genetics that are important to understand are “phenotype” and “genotype.”  Put […]