Guide to Dairy Goat Shows

At first glance, a dairy goat show looks like a beauty pageant for goats. In reality, the purpose of a show is to select animals which come closest to the ideal of sound, productive type. Awards and publicity from shows encourage breeders to adhere to the ideal for continued improvement of the dairy goat. Shows put quality dairy goats in […]

ADGA Judges Online Training Materials

The American Dairy Goat Association’s judges are licensed under a rigorous program of training and certification. Here’s a breakdown of the basic program and the information needed. GUIDE TO AN ADGA JUDGE’S LICENSE There are several steps to becoming licensed to judge dairy goats at an officially sanctioned ADGA show. This involves achieving a basic […]


You can find number of online forms and downloadable pdf formats on  See the menu link for Forms for complete list or search for specific topics. General Forms AI Memo – pdf Service Memo – pdf  Registration Application PDF Certificate of Identification Application – pdf Tattoo Revision Request Online Web Form   Tattoo Revision Request – pdf […]

Suggested Classes and Winners

The base date for computing the age of the animal shall be the day the animal is to be judged unless otherwise stated by a Fair board in its rules governing livestock.  JUNIOR DIVISION – (JUNIOR DOE Show OR Junior Division of COMBINED JR./SR. DOE Show) The Junior Division consists of does under 24 months […]

Report of Awards Guide

1. Always fill out the Report of Awards in its entirety for each breed at the time of the judging of that breed, even though there may not be ten animals competing. Never write “not enough competing” across that section of the report as it is important that we have all the information required on the report. We […]