Sable Breed Standard Survey Results

ADGA Members were recently surveyed about a color requirement for the Sable breed. Should Sables be required to exhibit 25% color other than white or light cream for registration? Proponents of the 25% color requirement believe it would make the Sable breed more distinguishable from the Saanen breed, strengthening the legitimacy of the breed. This change […]

Registration Information for Nigerian Breeders

Joining ADGA: Many of you are already members of the American Dairy Goat Association as well as the American Goat Society and/or the Canadian Goat Society. We would suggest that those of you who are not members of ADGA, consider joining. New Member Application. This will get you several things. You will establish your Herd […]

Registering and Parentage for ADGA herd books

It has come to my attention that some persons who register or record their dairy goats with the American Dairy Goat Association are doing so incorrectly. While I was traveling this year doing Linear Appraisal, several persons told me that they thought it was acceptable to record animals with some genetics from Pygmy, Dwarf, Boer […]

Instructions for Registering a Dairy Goat

The following instructions are to be used while filling out the ADGA Registration or Recordation Application. If you are not already familiar with the Application, you may wish to print this information page to assist you. The paper Application allows for text entry where applicable, while providing drop down lists and check boxes to assist […]