DNA Typing – Answers to Common Questions

  1. Is DNA typing of individuals mandatory?  Only for bucks collected on June 1 2016 or later that have offspring from that collection.  AI//Buck Collection summary info. It is also mandatory to test in the case of embryo tranfers.  Starting January 1, 2023 all bucks born on or after this date will be required to have DNA marker testing in order to register offspring.
  2. What are the 5 types of DNA services offered by ADGA? Individual, parentage verification, alpha s-1 casein, G-6-S (N-acetylglucosamine 6-sulphatase deficiency) and scrapie variant testing.
  3. What animals should I select to type?  That is an individual decision.  However, many prefer to do their bucks as they will have the most impact on the breeding program in terms of animals born.
  4. Can an animal be DNA typed with only microchip information? No, at this time it is still required that they must be tattooed.
  5. The lab (VGL) prefers what kind of sample? Hair, ADGA strongly encourages you to sample and store hair (keep in an envelope in a dry, dark environment such as a file cabinet)  in case you ever need it.
  6. What is the fee for DNA typing? $32/animal or $65 for the first three tests for ADGA Plus Members.  Additional pricing information
  7. How do I order and can it be done online?  Straightforward requests can be done online (Order here)  More complicated cases are by email and phone.  Often we can keep the costs down for you.  Owners wishing to DNA type animals will provide the ADGA office with the reason for typing, a list of registration names and numbers of the animals to be tested.
  8. Can I do this if I am ADGAPlus?  Yes, you will need to let us know the animals you wish to test and then select the option that tells us you are an ADGA Plus participant.
  9. What information is required if a kid is unregistered in order to process the request?  Date of Birth, Gender, Breed, tattoo and if for parentage testing,  potential parents.
  10. What other type of samples will the lab accept? Blood & semen & other (by special arrangement). Sampling info
  11. Can I submit a straw if I was not the owner of the buck?  Yes.
  12. When collecting hair samples, what must be present for DNA typing to be performed? The follicle itself (root bulb). It helps to have the hair clean and there are sites that are easier such as withers.
  13. How discriminating is the test?  Our contract lab has a basic panel of 14 markers.  However, they have over 50 markers available to use if testing isn’t definitive from the basic panel.  So it is possible for the analysts to discriminate between very close relatives.  It can also determine when littermates have different sires.
  14. If parents are typed after offspring, will updates occur?  We now ‘sweep’ through the information quarterly to see if any updates can be made.  Then they are reported in the monthly file to adgagenetics.org.
  15. How are animals selected for the Random Buck DNA sampling program?  Starting in 2019, every 75th registered buck is selected.  As we have no idea who will register and when, this keeps it ‘random’.  Also starting in 2019 every 25th registered buck with 10 registered offspring will be selected for the Frequently Used Sire sampling program.
  16. How many additional animals will ADGA pay for in the case a random sample result contains exclusion?  Total of 4, in the case of a trio one extra. The herd owner is responsible for any additional animals if necessary to resolve the parentage.
  17. If my buck is selected, what do I have to pay?  Testing is free for the buck and parents if they are available.  All you pay is postage to send the sample and submission materials to the lab.
  18. How long does it take to get results? Most cases have results 2-4 weeks after the lab receives the samples.
  19. What do I need to provide to ADGA? Owners wishing to DNA type animals will provide the ADGA office with the reason for typing, a list of registration names and numbers of the animals to be tested. For unregistered animals, the sex, breed, date of birth, and the tattoos with the location of the tattoos, for the offspring will be provided. The appropriate per animal fee to be DNA typed must be submitted with the list.
  20. What comes from ADGA? ADGA will send three copies of the submissions forms to the owner along with necessary instructions for sending samples.
  21. What if I decide to add a different test?  We can add the new test to the sample on file, just note that on the request form.  If you are not the submitter of the sample, permission needs to be obtained from the original submitter, or a new sample will need to be sent.
  22. How long does it take to get results? Most cases are completed in 10-14 days after the lab receives the samples.
  23. How will I be notified of my DNA results? Your results will be emailed to you if an email address is on file with ADGA. If no email is on file, they will be mailed.
  24. How are results reported?  Marker testing is reported as Individual, Parent Qualified, Sire Qualified or Dam Qualified.  Casein, G-6-S and scrapie variant tests are reported per VGL results.
  25. Where are results published?  *DNA* is listed on pedigrees.  The actual qualification result is sent the first of each month to adgagenetics.org.  Casein and G-6-S can be made public with the breeder’s permission and are listed on the ADGA website.  It is planned to have this also be on the certificates pending programming.
  26. How does a breeder provide permission to publicize Casein or G-6-S results?  Email using the ADGA support tab.  Requests made on or after 1-1-21 are automatically made public in most circumstances.
  27. If I had the animal typed privately, can it be included in the database?  If the animal was typed at a lab that uses the internationally accepted marker panel, it can be included.  The cost is $15* per animal for the record transfer.

* The $15.00 fee charged for DNA data record transfer per animal will not be charged for DNA marker and diagnostic testing ordered directly at VGL beginning with requests made on or after March 1, 2021 and will continue until May 31, 2021. If DNA test ordering becomes available to members on the NG platform prior to May 31, 2021, the waiver of the $15.00 DNA data record transfer fee will expire immediately for any new DNA orders on the business day following NG DNA ordering functionality. Members who have already paid the DNA data record transfer fee for this time period will be given an account credit for their overpayment from ADGA. DNA data record transfers pending in the office from March 1, 2021 will not be charged the DNA data record transfer fee.

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