Frequently Asked Questions

Q In a nutshell, what is the program?

A – For Superior Genetics (SG), the animal must be in the top 15% (85th  percentile ranking or higher) of their breed according to the Production/Type Index (PTI) ranking at least once during the life of the animal.  To qualify, the ranking may be just in one area (PTI 2:1 or PTI 1:2) or in both areas.  Once earned, the SG or SGCH becomes a permanent prefix to the animal’s name and replaces show prefixes that may have already been a part of the animal’s name.

QHow does an animal get a PTI ranking?

A – By having genetic evaluations in both production and type (DHI and LA) at the time when SG is being determined.  Additional information on PTI.

QHow are PTIs caculated?

A – The formulas for calculating PTIs are listed in the Sire Development pamphlet.

QDoes the PTI have to be in the top 15% in each ratio?

A – No – the award may be earned by being in either the top 15% of the 2:1 ratio (emphasizing milk production) or in the top 15% of the 1:2 ratio (emphasizing type).

QHow is the 15% determined?

A – The top 15% of the total number of animals in each breed, by gender, that have PTI values.

QDo show records contribute?

A – No, the award is based on a combination of DHIR and LA.  But if you have a permanent champion, the animal will have a SGCH rather than a SG designation only.

QDoes a one-day milk test count toward this?

A – No, genetic evaluations for production only come from year around testing of the animal and relatives.  This provides the basis for calculating the PTIs from production.

QCan a doe have a SG or SGCH without having ever been on DHIR?

A – Yes, in some circumstances, if offspring, ancestors and other relatives of that doe have evaluations records and the reliability is high enough, a genetic evaluation on the doe is can be generated on the basis of her progeny and relatives, similar to how it works for bucks.

QHow often are awards applied?

A – PTIs generally change twice per year, after the genetic evaluations are run by ADGA.  Production evaluations come out in the summer and type comes out at the end of the year along with another production evaluation.  New SG will appear at those times.   Animals having an appraisal for the first time will not have an evaluation to use towards SG until the December evaluation.  Animals already with SG can have a SGCH appear after earning it through show wins at any time.   For example, “SG Betsy” that becomes a permanent champion will still have a show letter generated.  A certificate generated would then change the name to “SGCH Betsy”. 

QWhen do you get a free certificate revision?

A – Animals earning SG are eligible for free revision if they apply within 60 days of receiving notification about the award.  

QCan you lose the SG designation?

A – While your animal may drop below the 85th percentile at some time during their life, once the designation is earned it stays with the animal.  The requirement is that the animal be in the top 15% at least once during their lifetime.

QWhy are there no Experimentals with this designation?

A – The PTI calculation relies on breed constants for fat % and standard deviations for fat corrected milk.  It isn’t possible to come up with a “breed” average for Experimentals when there are so many combinations. 

QCan you give me a simple example of how the cutoffs and rankings work?

A – You have 20 does in a breed with the following current PTI rankings:


2:1 Rank/PTI 1:2 Rank/PTI
Brownie #1 100 #1 125
Angel #2 92 #5 63
Daisy #3 61 #4 82
Molly #4 54 #7 41
Elsie #5 53 #2 100
  #6 49 #6 62
  #7 34 #8 37
  #8 21 #9 22
  #9 13 #10 15
Clara #10 11 #3 93
  #11 10 #12 9
  #12 8 #14 7
  #13 7 #15 5
  #14 6 #16 3
  #15 5 #18 0
  #16 3 #11 11
  #17 0 #13 8
  #18 -3 #19 -30
  #19 -20 #17 2
  #20 -30 #20 -40

There are 20 animals in this breed so three animals make up the top 15%.  In the first 2:1 rankings column, Brownie gets an SG as she is #1.  She also would receive it from being the top rank in the 1:2.  Angel and Daisy receive it because they are #2 and #3 in the 2:1 ranking.

Elsie and Clara will also get an SG award because if you ordered the second column of 1:2 rankings, they would be in the top three (15%), along with Brownie.

Molly might have a chance to earn SG next time when more information is available and her rankings may go up based on new information on her, or on her relatives from being on DHIR or from additional appraisal information.

QWhat are the cutoff rankings for all breeds?

A – As animals earn PTI’s, and genetic evaluations are released, the cutoff values will change over time.  But remember, that once earned, the SG stays even if the PTI falls below the current cutoffs.  As of November 2020, the cutoffs (rounded to two significant figures) are:


Doe 2:1 Doe 1:2 Buck 2:1 Buck 1:2
Alpine 79 160 64 132
LaMancha 87 155 64 123
Nigerian Dwarf 70 54 51 32
Nubian 22 30 3 0
Oberhasli 32 38 7 0
Saanen 72 141 47 104
Sable 83 106 34 64
Toggenburg 133 218 120 186