ADGA Plus Information

What is ADGA Plus?

ADGA Plus is not a separate ADGA Membership type, it is a group of premium Performance Program services in addition to annual membership that are bundled into one lower rate. The bundled services include DHIR, Linear Appraisal and DNA Marker Testing.  You can also sign up if LA is not offered in your area.  Current ADGA Membership is a prerequisite participating in ADGA Plus.

To enroll in ADGA Plus, go the the DHIR New Herd Enrollment PDF form under Performance Program Forms

Who are ADGA Plus Participants?

Current ADGA Plus Participants >>

ADGA Plus Benefits

ADGA Plus Includes:

  • 3 prepaid DNA marker tests at a reduced rate (when you are ready to test, it is your choice of animals but you will need to let us know which animals you want to test)
  • discount on the DHIR/LA option
  • discount on other genetic testing services
  • free subscription reports
  • a separate listing on the ADGA website and Directory

ADGA Plus Enrollment

Enrollment for members will begin December 1st with your DHIR and Linear Applications. Select the ADGA Plus box on the DHIR form. Fees will be your regular DHIR (either new herd or renewal fee), Linear Application (fee dependent on deadlines), ADGA Plus new enrollment fee of $10 (no fee for renewal),  3 free annual DNA tests and reduced fees for additional marker testing as well as specialty testing (G-6-S, Casein).

DNA fees must be used during the participating year as they are not carried over to the following year, so the request must be made by December 31st.    You will need to let us know which three animals you want to test when you are ready.   When selected, you will be signed up for subscription reports free of charge, and will be noted as an ADGA Plus herd in ADGA materials. The ADGA PLUS logo in the Member Services area is able to be used on your website and advertising materials.

Here is an example for a new medium size herd:

Medium DHIR Herd Renewal $45.00
Linear Application $45.00
Initial Enrollment $10.00
3- DNA tests$65.00
DHIR/LA Discount-$5.00

Enroll After November 30

Enrollment for the next year will begin December 1 of the  previous year. To enroll in ADGA Plus, go the the DHIR New Herd Enrollment PDF form under Performance Program Forms