From ADGA Bylaws Article VI. Section 3

a) All nominations for any ADGA award shall be submitted with full, supporting, detailed, written documentation.  If approved by the Awards Committee, this documentation will be provided to each Director.

b) Director Emeritus/Emerita – The committee considers and evaluates former or retiring Directors nominated by the membership for this award.  Nominees for Directors Emeritus/Emerita must have served at least three (3) terms on the Board of Directors.  Those selected are submitted to the Board of Directors for election by secret ballot. Director Emeritus/Emerita may not be a sitting director at the time the nomination is voted on by the Board of Directors.  One or more may be elected as appropriate.

c) Special Awards – Selection of candidates for awards is made from a list of names submitted to the Awards Committee by the ADGA MEMBERSHIP.  If worthy recipients are found, their names will be revealed at the ADGA annual banquet, and later announced at the membership meeting.  The final decision on the recipient is the responsibility of the Awards Committee; no Board approval is needed.  Winner (s) will be reported in the ADG News and Events, including citations and, if possible, photos.  The names of all award recipients will be listed on the front page of the Guidebook for one year following the award.  The Mary L. Farley Award, Directors Emeriti and Historic Herd Names will remain in the Guidebook list in perpetuity.

  1. The Mary L. Farley Award – This award was established by the Board of Directors at their 1959 meeting in honor of Mary L. Farley,  Past President (1950-52) and Past Secretary-Treasurer (1945-52) and Past Secretary-Treasurer (1945-49). It is awarded only for outstanding work on behalf of the dairy goat industry. No more than one award may be given per year, and frequency of this award is determined by the Awards Committee.  This award may be given to an individual, a couple, or a partnership.  Active members of the Board of Directors are not eligible for this award.  A plaque and a lifetime membership in ADGA will be [resented to the recipient.
  2. Helen C. Hunt Distinguished Service Award – This award was renamed at the 1995 meeting of the Board of Directors in honor of Helen C. Hunt, past Director and Judge for her outstanding service to the Association.  This award may be given annually to an ADGA member who has rendered distinguished service to ADGA over a period of years (Maximum of three per year).
  3. Award of Merit – A number of these awards as appropriate, may be given annually for outstanding service by an ADGA member for the past year.
  4. Friend of ADGA – A number of these awards as appropriate, may be given annually to individuals and organizations that have rendered special service to ADGA.  Awards are to be a plaque.
  5. ADGA National Convention Host Group Award of Appreciation. This award shall be presented annually to the host group of the convention and shall be a plaque.

d) Historic Herd Names – To be selected by Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. The herd name is not currently being used.
  2. The herd made a significant genetic contribution to a breed or breeds of dairy goats.
  3. The herd name was well known.


If the owner or owners of a herd name that meets the above requirements is 65 years of age or older, has made a significant genetic contribution to a breed or breeds of dairy goats, and has registered dairy goats with ADGA the past 2 consecutive years, this herd name will be included in the Historic Herd Names even if being currently used by the owner(s). Historic Herd Names are not transferable.  This does not apply to herd names with two or more owners unless all owners meet all requirements.  In the event the designation of an historic herd name is offered to a herd owner, they must agree in writing with the ADGA office to not ever transfer that herd name under any circumstance.  If the owner choose not to accept, it will be deleted from the historic Herd Name list.

Downloadable Award Nominations Form

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