DNA Enhancements to Registration Certificates

The DNA label that is listed on your registration certificate for any animal that has previously been DNA typed has been enhanced.  The new label will display an abbreviation for level of DNA testing that has a result on file.

Old LabelNew LabelTest Result on File
*DNA**DNA:ID*Individual Typing
*DNA**DNA: SQ*Sire Qualified
*DNA**DNA: DQ*Dam Qualified
*DNA**DNA: PQ*Parent Qualified

This change will allow for a more complete picture of the DNA history on any animal right from the registration certificate Some animals may show *DNA: ID*  in consecutive generations where the parent was not compared to the offspring even though both are on file. Animals are not automatically parent qualified unless a parentage request is ordered by the owner of the sample at the time of the original requestThis enhancement will start to display on all registration certificates printed after 7/12/23If you have an older certificate that you would like to have these changes added, the registration edit fee is $5 and the original registration certificate must be mailed back to the ADGA office with the $5 revision fee. 

NOTE: This change includes all DNA processed by VGL, previous lab data to be included at a later date