Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTIONHow do I reopen a help ticket?
ANSWERCheck here How to Reopen a Support Ticket
QUESTIONHow do I know if I can print a stamped duplicate online?
ANSWERCheck the The Stamped Duplicate Flow Chart
QUESTIONHow do I print a stamped duplicate?
ANSWERYou can print a stamped duplicate from your ADGA account. View How to Complete a Stamped Duplicate for more information
QUESTIONHow do I get a paper registration after I selected paperless?
ANSWERSubmit a ticket requesting a paperless conversion for the animal you wish to convert. Your account will be charged the paperless conversion fee and the paper registration will be mailed to the address on file.
QUESTIONCan I enter a show with a picture of the signed transfer on my phone?
ANSWERYou can enter a show using the original physical certificate that has the transfer signed to you at the bottom of the paper.
No screenshots or photocopies.
QUESTIONWill I be receiving a hard copy 2024 ADGA Membership Directory and 2024 ADGA Guidebook?
ANSWERDue to supply issues and extended timelines, the 2024 Membership Directory and the 2024 Guidebook will be offered online only.
QUESTIONHow do I view the Guidebook and Directory online?
ANSWERAccess the password protected portion of the website at: ADGA Publications and enter the website password. The website password is different than your NG password and was sent to your email on file.
QUESTIONWhere can I find the LA schedule?
ANSWERThe tentative 2024 LA schedule can be found on the website under the Linear Appraisal tab or here: ADGA Linear Apraisal
QUESTIONHow do I become a National Show Award Sponsor?
ANSWER1. Visit the Award Sponsor page or Youth Award Sponsor page on the National Show website.
2. Scroll through the page to see which awards are still available.
3. Complete the form at the bottom of the page.
Please note: Because there are so many generous people interested in becoming sponsors, the office will only respond if your requested award is already spoken for. You can verify your sponsorship on the website which is updated throughout the week.
QUESTIONThe form at the bottom of the Award Sponsor page is not working. How should I submit my sponsor request?
ANSWERSome people are experiencing problems with the form. After a request is submitted, the system will link back to the top of the page. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the confirmation message. If you continue to have issues with the form, you can email your request to Please check the website to make sure your award is available before submitting your request. Requests are filled on a first-come basis.
QUESTIONI'm waiting on papers. Can I show my goats without them?
ANSWERThe ADGA Board of Directors has approved the use of stamped duplicates of application for registration for all ADGA programs until the NG computer conversion is complete and registration processing is current.