How to Name A Dairy Goat

(The Nubian buckling above is not intended to represent the longer fictitious example below.)

A dairy goat name is not all finesse and frivolity. The name identifies the breeder and may include genetic, show win and production information. Understanding the parts of goat’s name will help you name your animals and understand something about a goat when you see its name.

Name Permanent After Registration

Two parts of a goat’s name belong to every goat and cannot be changed once registered, even when the goat changes ownership. The two parts of every name are the herd name and the name to the right of the herd name.  Together these combined names cannot exceed 30 spaces.

Other prefixes and suffixes based on earned or inherited merit may be added by ADGA on a replacement registration or recordation certificate later.

Herd Name Identifies the Breeder

The herd name used is always the herd name of the registered owner of the doe at the time of breeding. The one who owned the dam at the time the doe was bred is the breeder and therefore it is the breeder’s herd name that becomes a permanent part of the offspring’s name.

Herd names are purchased from ADGA and must not begin with a herd name that is already reserved, sound like another herd name or not be acceptable according to ADGA standards. Owning a herd name is an important part of building your reputation and recognition as a breeder.

If the breeder does not have a herd name at the time a goat is registered, “The” is used in place of the herd name and “The” becomes a permanent part of the goat’s name.

When submitting a herd name application several preferences may be requested.  To  ensure a herd name is available, call the ADGA office (828-286-3801) during office hours or complete the contact form:

The Right Name is Your Choice

While the herd name of the breeder appears first and applies to all kids in a breeding, the name to the right of the herd name is a unique name of your choosing. Care must be taken to avoid including another person’s herd name or a name that has already been used with the same herd name.

Shorter herd names provide more naming flexibility within the combined 30-character limit. Names considered objectionable or obscene will not be accepted.

Apply for an ADGA Herd Name:

Superior Genetics Prefix

A special designation known as Superior Genetics can be awarded to either does or bucks. If this designation is awarded “SG” will appear as a name prefix and may combined with a permanent champion show award. For an explanation of qualifying requirements for Superior Genetics see:

Show Award Prefixes

Two types of show awards can appear as a prefix to the herd name when awarded. The Permanent Champion award is presented based the number of qualifying champion show wins and is indicated by the “CH” prefix. A Permanent Champion which also has an Advanced Registry or Star Record not earned by parentage qualifies for the “GCH” designation.

When a goat has earned both Permanent Champion award and the Superior Genetics designation, the prefix appears as “SGCH.”

Production Award Suffixes

Star and Plus recognition are added as suffixes to a goat’s name to indicate production awards. Those awards can be earned either by virtue of parent production records, by their own production or for bucks – their offspring’s production records.

*B and +B awards are available for bucks. *M for Star Milker awards are available for does. The number before the *M indicates successive generations of earning a star.