Order Limited Edition Canvas Proofs & Prints

Six beautiful paintings by artist Regina Stahl Briskey are displayed in the office of the American Dairy Goat Association in Spindale, North Carolina. There are just 25 signed and numbered canvas artist’s proofs of each. Only 175 signed and numbered prints exist of the Saanen, Toggenburg and Oberhasli breed paintings. There are 275 prints of the Alpine, LaMancha and Nubian paintings available, also signed and numbered.

Proceeds from the sale of these limited edition painting canvas proofs and prints go to the ADGA Research Foundation and the ADGA/Helen Staver Foundation — both serving valuable causes for the improvement of dairy goats and the education of those vested in the dairy goat industry. By purchasing one of these limited edition art pieces, you would be making a contribution to the dairy goat industry while adding a valuable art piece to your home or office.

A canvas proof or print would make great gifts for someone who mentored you, a “thank you” to your local extension office or a raffle item for your local dairy goat club. Supplies are limited. Order yours today.

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