Registering and Parentage for ADGA herd books

It has come to my attention that some persons who register or record their dairy goats with the American Dairy Goat Association are doing so incorrectly. While I was traveling this year doing Linear Appraisal, several persons told me that they thought it was acceptable to record animals with some genetics from Pygmy, Dwarf, Boer or other types of goats. They thought if they wrote “Unknown” for either or both parents on the application for registry or recordation, that it was acceptable.

This is a misunderstanding. Our Rules of Registration have been written so that it is not acceptable to use any genetics from any type of goat that is not part of the ADGA Herd books. Since the acceptance of the Nigerian Dwarves, we have written clarifying information for these rules. The Nigerian Dwarves will have a Purebred Herd book only. Any cross breeding with the ADGA Standard size breeds is not acceptable. Any crosses with Boer, Angora, Pygmy, Cashmere, or other types of goats are not acceptable.

ADGA currently has herd books for the following standard size breeds; Alpines, LaManchas, Nubians, Oberhaslis, Saanens,  Sables and Toggenburgs. These seven standard size breeds may be registered in the Purebred and American herd books for their breed. Crosses of these seven breeds may be recorded in the Recorded Grade Herd books or the Experimental Herd books. Offspring of Nigerian Dwarves crossed with the standard size breeds are not eligible for recordation in any ADGA herd books. Offspring of Boers, Angoras, Kinders, Cashmere, Pygmies, Fainting or any other breed not recognized by ADGA that are crossed with any of the eight ADGA recognized breeds cannot be recorded in any part of the ADGA Herd books including the Grade and Experimental Herd books.

Listing a parent as unknown is acceptable in some situations, such as a doe from the sale barn being recorded as a Native on Appearance or Native on Performance. It is also acceptable if a doe has been exposed to multiple bucks of an ADGA accepted breed. It is not acceptable if any of the animals on the application is known to be another non-accepted breed.

If a person writes “Unknown” on the Application for Registration or Recordation when they do know whom the parent is, they would be misrepresenting the pedigree. If you know who the parent is, you cannot honestly say that you don’t. Any pedigree that is completed with incorrect information is invalid and subject to revocation by the Association if this information comes to our attention and is proven.

These rules have always been in place in ADGA. With the recent ability to use DNA, it has become relatively easy for ADGA to use this technology to establish proof of parentage or proof that the listed parentage is not possible. This is very serious action and is necessary for the integrity of the ADGA Herd books.

What should a person do if they were misled into doing this or simply did not understand the rules? If someone told you it was acceptable and you did this either mistakenly or unintentionally, here is how to fix it. You should return the papers to Shirley McKenzie at the ADGA office with a note that you did this in error. If the goat is ineligible for ADGA herd books, the records of that goat and any offspring can then be removed from the herd books without any penalty. If the individual would be eligible for another herd book, it can be moved to the correct herd book. This is the honest thing to do. This is the right thing to do.

Please feel free to contact the ADGA office or the Registration Committee Chair if you have any questions about this topic. We will be glad to assist you.