Reopen Support Center Ticket After Closed

How To Reopen an ADGA Support Ticket

If your ticket has been closed and the issue is unresolved, follow these steps to reopen your support ticket.

  1. Locate the ADGA Support Center email you received when the ticket was created or any reply emails to that ticket.
  2. Reply to the ADGA Support email. Replying to a closed ticket will reopen that ticket. (Please DO NOT reply to a ticket with “Thank you” or any other reply if the response from ADGA Support resolved the issue.)

How To Locate an ADGA Support Ticket Email

  1. Search for the Sender “ADGA Support” from the email address <>
    Example: ADGA Support <>
  2. Search for the Subject to contain the Subject You Reported with brackets containing a number.
    Example: Subject: The Subject You Reported [#12345]  (Your ticket number is in brackets.)
  3.  If the email is not found by searching your Inbox, look in your Deleted, Spam, Junk, Other or Promotions folder.

Can’t Find ADGA Support Ticket Email/Ticket Number

  1. If you are unable to locate an email from ADGA Support related to the ticket you need to reopen, you will need to create a new support ticket.
  2. Create a new support ticket by visiting: