Suggested Code of Ethics for Exhibitors and Show Committees

This code of ethics applies to the relationship between Show Committee members and Exhibitors to the Show Judge prior to the show.

1. Transportation should be furnished for the Judges. This excludes the National Dairy Goat Show.

a. Judges can be picked up at the airport by a Member of the show committee or the sponsoring club (organization) who is not showing his/her animals at this show.

b. Car Rental Funds may be provided in advance either by the organization or included in the show contract.

2. Accommodations for the Judge should be made in either a local motel or in the home of someone not exhibiting.

3. The Judge should not be entertained by anyone prior to the show who intends to exhibit at the show.

4. Do not request of the Judge a private opinion on any animal prior to the completion of the show.

5. Anyone who has purchased, within six months, an animal directly from the Judge should not show this animal under this same Judge.

6. Anyone who owns an animal in which the Judge has a financial interest cannot show this animal under the same Judge. (Refer to Rules Governing Show Officials and Judges).

7. Do not offer information or comments to the Judge in the show ring unless requested by the Judge.

8. After the completion of the show, the Judge would welcome and encourage friendship and constructive questions.

9. Exhibitors should use social media judiciously realizing that social media is a highly public medium.