Postal Ballot Summary 2022

These postal ballot summaries are provided to inform the public of decisions made by the ADGA Board of Directors. Postal ballots require sponsorship by at least two Directors and a 14 day comment/voting period.

All Postal Ballots proposed do not pass. Pay careful attention to the status of “Passed,” “Failed,” or “No Vote.” “Passed” Postal Ballots may be considered American Dairy Goat Association rules and applied as specified in the postal ballot.

PB 2022-1 TOPIC: Stamped Duplicate Extension Until March 31, 2022
Result: 29 Yes, 0 No. Passed Unanimously
Stamped Duplicate Extension Letter PDF

PB 2122-3 TOPIC: Allow Continued Use Of Stamped Duplicate Applications For ADGA Registrations For All Ages Of Goats Through September 30, 2022
Result: Passed

PB2122-4 TOPIC: Changes To Linear Appraisal Program And SOP
Result: Passed PB 2122.4 results final

PB 2122-5 TOPIC: Approval of Concurrent Breed Display & Minimum Registration for the Guernsey Breed to meet the Guidelines for Inclusion of Additional Breeds at the ADGA National Show
Result: Passed 2122-5 Results

PB 2122-6 TOPIC: Change The Dates Of The 2022 ADGA Annual Meeting And Convention To Be Held At The Ramada By Wyndham, Syracuse, New York And Revise The Programming Schedule
Result: Passed Unanimously

PB 2122-7 TOPIC: Proposed Budget Changes For 2022 National Show Harrisburg, PA
Harrisburg 2022 Proposed Budget
Harrisburg 2022 Budget From NSLR
Result: Passed Unanimously 2122-7 Results

PB2122-8 TOPIC: Allow The Use Of Signed Transfers On Original Certificates Of Registration As Proof Of Ownership At The 2022 National Show Being Held In Harrisburg, PA
Result: Passed Unanimously

PB 2122-9 TOPIC: Extension Of Stamped Duplicates Through December 31, 2022
Result: Passed 2122-9 Results

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